My first steps in design field were marked by my passion I had for the CorelDraw drawing software. It was “the virus” that has changed everything in my professional and personal life.
• In 1998 I won a Mention at  Corel Draw International Design Contest, the “design package” category.
• 1999 – 2000 Corel has published my works in the Artshow Catalog of Corel Review. My work was included in the CorelDraw software CD-ROMs on two consecutive years.
• 2010 I have participated in an exhibition in Sweden that gathered artists from over 30 countries, “Post Card – Mail Art Exhibition”. The subject was “an altered tourist attraction”
The freedom of styles and techniques has made the entire exhibition salt and pepper.
For me, it was a pretty unique experience. I went on my way, without any alteration of images. My style was simple and minimalist but the idea was incisive, as I have later learned in the discussions from deviantArt.
In 2012 I won the “Bookmark of the year” prize at Bookmarks Book Okian Competition (a Romanian publishing house) with one of my six models
In an interesting twist the image post processing has pushed me to the realm of photography.
2012 was a year quite prolific in that territory, showing my inclination to details, reflections or geometric-abstract images.
All my life I was fascinated by geometries and patterns.
• 2012 DailyDaviation, Soft Spine – an abstract photo.
• 2012 Interview for Someone we like – a portal online with diverse creators around the world.
• 2012 My Emotional Botero image was selected at Internationale d’Arte Italy Turin contemporary art exhibition.
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• 19 February 2012 My emotional Botero Selected by editors of Art Limited
The 2012 and 2013 stood under the sign of “Interior Design” – for printed catalogs.
The year 2012 was dedicated for rustic style and 2013 to neoclassical style. I went as far as I could go with these two styles.
The digitally built interior designs, combined with product photography have ultimately what it is called “unique stamp”, the furniture dictating the air and the style of the entire catalog.
Each collection has the same style and at the same time it has diversity to break the monotony of watching.
One of the most fascinating and difficult subject is the transition from 2D to 3D.
To get the feeling of the real using virtual reality is similar to the skills and the perfection found in Renaissance.

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